The world is changing rapidly due to advancements in digital technologies and the connectivity the Internet has provided. The world is moving towards a knowledge based, automated economy that is driven by software. Experts are predicting that many of the jobs we have grown up with will be redefined by technology or worst case fully automated. Many countries around the world have revamped, or are revamping, their educational systems to prepare their students to operate in the new high-tech economy.

Learning to code has been identified as a key activity that contributes to a child’s development of the 4C’s (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication) which are widely viewed as fundamental skills that children must possess in the 21st century. Learning to code also enhances problem-solving skills, encourages perseverance, teaches children how to break large problems into smaller more manageable chunks and boost self-confidence. Many countries have already, or are in the process, of revamping their educational systems to incorporate computer science, coding, and critical thinking as core objectives.

We offer after school and in-school coding clubs which are a perfect way to introduce computer science and coding to students. Our coding clubs use, Scratch from MIT, Python and JavaScript to program games, websites and solve challenging coding problems allowing children to flex their creativity.

We also offer assistance with development of computer science curricula and professional development services for those schools that are ready to go further and incorporate computer science and coding into their curricula.

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